Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG specializes in the production of specialized inks for the production of printed circuits, as well as protective varnishes and transparent and opaque electronic sealing compounds. The company's offer is complemented by products for optical electronics and the photovoltaic industry as well as technical service.

Photostructural paints

Peters is an expert in the production of printed circuit boards. It offers etching paints, soldermasks, grommet fillers, descriptive paints, carbon conductive paints, peelable masks, blind pastes, thermal conductive pastes, thick-film fillers and products with the highest resolution: photo mosaics, photo masks and ELPEMER photo descriptions.

Protective and insulating varnishes for the production of printed circuits

ELPEGUARD lacquers are solvent-free thick-film lacquers and are used to protect assembled printed circuit boards against corrosion. Water-based and fluorescent polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy and silicone-based varnishes are available for the protection of electronics.

Optical electronics products

Elements of outdoor installations, such as signal lamps, information boards, car lamps, etc., are exposed to particularly unfavorable climatic conditions. Peters offers special products designed to work in such an environment. These products not only protect against external factors, but also meet the highest requirements for functionality and optical properties, such as very high transparency and light diffusion.
In addition to a variety of transparent and opaque masses and potting resins, Peters offers unique ELPEGUARD protective varnishes. In order to prevent various light effects, such as diffusion or absorption under the LED elements, we have introduced various paint systems for coating the substrate in our product range. When it comes to the extremely important aspect of thermal heat management in optical electronics, we offer thermally conductive pastes in this area.

Resins and sealing compounds for electronics, electrical engineering and sensor technology

For potting assembled PCBs, transformers, magnetic coils, etc. Peters offers transparent and opaque epoxy, polyurethane and silicone casting compounds.


Almit is one of the leading suppliers of soldering wires, solder pastes and, of course, lead-free solders, which are used in the space industry, automotive and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1956 in Japan, and in 2002, Almit GmbH was founded in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Currently, the company's headquarters are in Michelstadt, near Frankfurt am Main.


CONCO AntiStatic Technology Co., Ltd, a manufacturer and supplier of ESD PCB storage containers. We are the official representative-distributor of CONCO's ESD products on the Polish market from 29/12/2020.


Jiangsu Roda was established in 2007. Manufacturer and supplier of FR4 laminates for PCB production.


List of laminates


A business partner in the field of PCB production technology and a supplier of PCB machinery and equipment.


Niebling - your partner for the mechanical surface preparation, polishing, grinding and deburring process. Niebling brushes are used in the PCB, wood, metallurgical, furniture, etc. industries. Innovative products are a solution for customers with very high requirements. Our company PCB Technology Sp.zo.ow in Elbląg is a trading partner and distributor on the Polish market of PCB products - former by PSE Werkzeuge & Maschinen GmbH. PSE Werkzeuge & Maschinen GmbH was acquired by Niebling GmbH in 2020.


Circuit Engineering Marketing Co Ltd (CEMCO) is an expert in the field of Quicksilver Hot Air Leveling processes. We started close cooperation with Cemco in June 2018.


We offer comprehensive services in the field of Excelltec drills:

  • sale of drills
  • sale of spare parts
  • service
  • regeneration of spindles

Drilling and milling machines

EX200 L drilling and milling machine:

MARK VII drilling and milling machine: