• 1.1                 Technical Specification

      • General specifications
      • Teach / Fiducial Camera with a ± 38 x 38mm field of
      • Operating noise level < 70dB(A).
      • Processor controlled dedicated
      • PC with pre-installed Windows 7 (or higher).
      • DIMASOFT compatible software (user interface). (The DIMASOFT software works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.)


      1.1.2            Motion System

      The standard DR-050 has two axis (X, Y). These axes are controlled by a servo motor in combination with encoders. The DR-2000 Z-slide adds a Z-movement. With the DR-2010 you add Z-movement, rotation and tilt.

      • Resolution for X, Y-movement is 1 µm.
      • Resolution for Z-movement is 1 µm.
      • Resolution for rotation is 0225°.
      • Tilt can be 30° or 45°.

      1.1.1            Power Connection

      The Elite needs a well-grounded 220-240 VAC single phase 16 Ampere power supply. The machine is equipped with a power cable with a European type connector. You can plug this connector into the wall socket to provide the machine with the necessary power. The length of the cable is approximately 3 meters.


      1.1.2            Air Connection

      The Elite needs an air hose to be connected to your air system. This must be a PU-6 air hose (outer diameter 8.3mm, internal diameter 5.9mm). Your air system has to deliver air according DIN ISO 8573-1:

      • Solids: Class 3 (maximum particle size is 5 µm and density is 5mg/m3).
      • Water content: Preferred class 3 (0.88g/m3, pressure dew point -20 °C), but minimal class 4 (5.953g/m3, pressure dew point 3 °C).
      • Oil content: Preferred class 1 (oil concentration of 0.01mg/m3), but minimal class 2 (oil concentration of 1mg/m3).

      The pressure must be at least 6.5-7Bar, and the flow at least 100l/min.

      The air hose has to be provided by the customer. The total length of the hose depends on the lay-out of the customer’s facility.


      1.1.3            Ambient Conditions

      • Room temperature between 18°C and 30°C

      For coating applications only a small variation during the process is allowed.

      • The minimum light in the room must be 500


      1.1.4            Work Area

      The available work area of the machine depends on the configuration. More dispense units and more movement possibilities limit the available work area.

      • The maximum work area with a static product holder, one dispense unit and no tilt is 525 x 420

    The minimum work area with a conveyor, three dispense units and 45° tilt is 290 x 390

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